Thursday, July 14, 2016

Its been a really long time

I came across my blog and knew it had been a long time but did not realize it has been 4 years.  A lot has happened including my mother passing away this year.  Will need to find pictures of my German Shepherds and my mother so I can start back blogging.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Been A While

It has been a while since I have written anything, not sure why I stopped.  I always enjoyed writting about what was going on at the house in the country and my German Shepherds.  I am going to work on coming here at least every other day and talk about what is going on in our lives.  My mom will be so happy! LOL   We had some sad things happen with our Behrens passing away on Feb 15th at 13 years of age and then less than a month later we found Seuss dead after we got back from visiting some friends he was 7 but more about Behrens, Suess and updates to the house tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stupid Camera and other things

I had such a time getting the photos off the camera, which it is why I did not get back to the blog when I said I would. Stupid camera lol. But I am back again with the photos I wanted to start posting. My parents came up Easter weekend and we had a really good time. Dad drove the tractor, Jimmy, Kathy and my nephew came up and we celebrated Easter with a Easter egg hunt and a Road Runner showed up on my deck!!! Living in the country can be such fun!!

This is the Road Runner that flew on to the railing of the deck, I had to take the picture through the glass door. He walked along the railing looking for lizards to eat. I do have a lot of lizards but they made themselves scarce when road runner showed up!

We had a tree that we needed to trim and so Dad and Ken trimmed the tree and Dad got to drive the tractor moving the branches to the burn pile.

The pictures above and below are Kathy, Jimmy and Tyler hunting Easter Eggs in my woods.

My garden is doing great! This is my crooked neck squash. We have already harvested a ton of squash already lol.

It is not a big garden, I have two flats of tomatoes , squash, cucumbers, onions, and sweet banana peppers.

We put in above the ground flats, which have worked out well, Ken will put in two more which will give us 6 above the ground vegetable gardens. Oh I also have some corn coming in. That is if the deer will leave it alone.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Long Break

As you can see I took a long break from my blog. I lost a dear friend to lung cancer in October and just became uninterested in blogging even though I had a lot of things to blog about. Now I am back, starting tomorrow I will be blogging about the things that went on in the past 4 months, I have great pictures to post and lots of stuff to catch up on. See you all tomorrow!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas and other things

Things have been very hetic since I last blogged. Thank goodness things are starting to get back to normal now that the holidays are over. We had Christmas at our place again this year. Mom and Dad came along with my brother and his family. It was a nice day and everyone had a good time. I posted some photos below:

My nephew Tyler with my mom and his mom. He was singing us songs.

My mom and Kathy, my brother's wife

my dad along with my husband and Kathy's mom

Ken opening up his gift from me

Kathy and Tyler and Kathy's mom behind Tyler

Ken finally fixed my floating shelves and we hung the drawing of him and Ikon I gave him.

This is what I gave Ken for Christmas. That is CH San Jo's Ikon he is carrying. Ikon is totally Ken's dog. :-)

This is a hoodie that Ann got me for Christmas. That is a hand painted picture of my Magic, BISS Am/Can/Intl Ch Magical Memories v Riata Edan. I just love it.
I know my blogs have been hit and miss this year but I promise to do much better starting tomorrow. It is almost midnight and so Happy New Year everyone!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Trouble went to his new home on Sunday, I was suppose to drive him to Austin in two weeks but they decided to come get him after the show on Sunday. It was very tough letting him go, I was not ready but Paul will be a great home for him. Below are photos of Trouble's new kennel that Paul and his son built for him. I still co own Trouble so I will always know what is going on in his new life.

Here is Trouble in his new Kennel at his new home. He is only in the kennel when Paul is at work and then he is in the house.

This photo is of the kennel when it was finished before Trouble arrived.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

They Call Me Mr. Trouble v Riata

Finally I am able to upload photos again. That is why there is such a gap with my last blog and this one, could not get photos up to the site.

The pictures below are of my Trouble and his new family. Trouble was born March 17, 2008. His dam was my Moka, Witch Witch Witch v Riata and his sire is CH Been There Done That of Edan PT. My friend Paul who lives in Austin started talking about getting a German Shepherd from me a few months ago. I thought he would be getting a puppy from the litter I will be breeding in December but instead he is taking my Trouble. This is going to be a great home for the dog, Paul does a lot of hiking on trails and wants Trouble to be able to go with him on some of those adventures. Paul's son claims that Trouble will be his dog, not his father's. :-) They came for a day visit to see Trouble in person and to play with him. Trouble loves anyone who will throw the tennis ball for him! I have had some people ask me how could I give up a dog that I bred and raised for 2 years, the best answer I can give is, I want what is best for this boy. They will give him the one on one attention that he so deserves. Trouble has to share me with 9 other German Shepherds and I know he does not care but I do. It will tough going for Paul and Trouble to begin with, but with unconditional love from Paul, Trouble will return it 100 fold. I am happy to say that Paul has allowed me to be a co owner on the dog. I will be taking Trouble to Austin in December to start his new life and when I will leave Austin I'll be leaving a piece of my heart behind.

This is Paul's son, Paul playing with Trouble. He does so love those tennis balls!
This is the picture I sent them, showing what Trouble looked like. He is a handsome dog just needs to fill out and finish growing up. Paul is going to take Trouble to obedience classes. He wants to put an obedience title on the dog, which I think is great. It will help with the bonding process.

This is Paul on one of his adventures. Not an adventure Trouble would be going on. :-)

Another photo of Paul. I love this one, that is a chickadee sitting on his fingers